City School, Westminster

Westminster City Council planned the construction of a new school on Palace Street, London. The pre-cast concrete structure required a complex mixture of cedar cladding and brick slip to finish the facade. The brick slip cladding was required to face the external elevations and a number of soffits which had a return detail. The facade had a number of details for replication including a blue engineering brick course and bespoke soffit corner specials.

The FastClad system was specified using a 15mm slip from a Wienerberger Smeed Dean London Yellow. The brick was specified to match the surrounding buildings and ACS were able to utilise 2 faces from each brick to keep the price competitive. The system was fastened to the pre-cast concrete structure using vertical aluminium railings and brackets to compensate for fluctuations in the surface. As a balanced contemporary and traditional finish was sought, the FastClad system was fitted with a blue engineering brick course which integrated seamlessly in to the finished design.

The building was also supported by pillars which left an exposed brick soffit. ACS designed a bespoke soffit return detail including corner pieces to give a perfect ‘unsupported’ look to the building. This feature would be impossible to replicate using standard brickwork. A specialist sandstone mortar from Easipoint was also used to match the finish of the local mortar.

The panels were finished at the window head and cill by powder coated sheet metal profiles. This allowed the use of standard boards, keeping accessories on the project to a minimum. Accessories on the main elevations of the project were limited to standard corner units, again making valuable cost savings. The 1200m2 facade project was completed on time in spite of the very ambitious 8 week completion schedule.

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