FastArch is a lightweight non structural arch system available in your choice of brick.  It is designed to be supported by a structural steel lintel.

FastArch has a number of key features: FastArch is available in the following designs:
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Accurate and precise shape and size
  • Cost effective and labour saving
  • Competitive availability due to our large lintel stock holding
  • Skewed flat arch
    (215mm & 290mm high, any length up to 3500mm)
  • Segmental arch

FastArch lightweight lintels are far superior to many other lightweight pre-fabricated arches on the market. FastArch lintels are constructed with a concrete exterior and an ultra-lightweight core.  They do not de-laminate.


Stock Size

Flat Arches (215mm or 290mm)

488mm 630mm 860mm
915mm 930mm 1135mm
1200mm 1360mm 1770mm
1800mm 2100mm 2260mm

Segmental Arches

488mm 630mm 860mm
915mm 930mm 1135mm
1200mm 1360mm 1472mm
1770mm 1800mm 2100mm

All other openings available on request

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