Fast Clad

FastClad A2 can be used unrestrictedly above 18m, having been developed and tested to meet the lastest fire regulations possessing a classification of reaction to fire performance of A2, s1-d0.

Fast Clad

Brick Slip Cladding System

FastClad is a proven prefabricated brick slip cladding system, enabling external and internal masonry to be assembled with speed and efficiency, without the need for specialist tradesmen.

Suitable for both new-build and refurbishment, FastClad can be manufactured from most types of brick and can also incorporate other types of masonry. It can create an exciting individualistic finish or blend seamlessly with existing facades.It is factory finished, packaged and delivered to site ready for installation, which can take place in most weather conditions.

This website provides information on the benefits of the system, its specification and installation, together with case studies of projects which have benefited from the use of FastClad.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Sales Office.

Technical Specifications

High Impact Back Board
Thickness : 16mm High Density : 1250kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity : 0.23w/mk Reaction to Fire Classification : B-s1, d0
Fully Assembled
Thickness : 32mm (Standard) Length : 1125mm Weight : Typically 53kg/m2 including mortar Method of supply : 20m2 per pallet Maximum height as vertical cladding – 42m
Steel Sub - Frame Fixing
Galvanised Steel - A2 or A4 stainless steel self-piloting wing tip fixings, dependant on the environment
Masonry Finish15mm Thick (standard)
Brick - Natural clay
Specially formulated - moisture and fire resistant
Lintels, cills, quoins and returns

Key Design Features

Typical Installation Details are available on request.