The reasons for using FastClad include –

Quality, Reliability and Confidence

- Fastclad is BBA approved as a non – structural cladding system for external and internal use
- Brick slips are adhered to the backing board in a factory quality controlled environment
- Fastclad is capable of achieving a minimum design life of 50 years
- Excellent wind, fire, hard and soft body impact properties
- Used by leading specifiers, contractors and house builders

Good Choice of Finishes

- Can be finished in brick and other types of masonry
- Most bricks can be used – not restricted to " system" bricks
- Can be used alongside traditional brickwork
- Choice of brickwork bond

Fast and Simple to Install

- No sticking of brick slips on site
- Limited number of skills and tools required
- Can be installed in a wide range of weather conditions
- Light and easy to handle on site
- Special profile enables fast assembly and traditional brick finish
- Typical installation details available on request

Whats Next?

Speak to us for more information or discuss your project. We provide a professional service.