See below our technical specifications and key design features.

Technical Specifications

High Impact Back Board
Thickness : 16mm High Density : 1250kg/m3 Thermal Conductivity : 0.23w/mk Reaction to Fire Classification : B-s1, d0
Fully Assembled
Thickness : 32mm (Standard) Length : 1125mm Weight : Typically 53kg/m2 including mortar Method of supply : 20m2 per pallet Maximum height as vertical cladding – 42m
Steel Sub - Frame Fixing
Galvanised Steel - A2 or A4 stainless steel self-piloting wing tip fixings, dependant on the environment
Timber: Self drill screw with self-countersunk head Steel : Self drill stainless steel screw with self countersunk head
Masonry Finish15mm Thick (standard)
Brick - Natural clay
Specially formulated - moisture and fire resistant
Lintels, cills, quoins and returns

Key Design Features

Typical Installation Details are available on request.

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